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Welcome to Rivelin Glen Products

The Rivelin Glen Products brand stands for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction in the area of practical gardening. Many of the products we have developed have been borne out of challenges we have faced in our own garden, and we take pride in the fact that we know first-hand that they actually work. Many customers told us that they had concrete fence posts and did not want to drill into the concrete so were unable to trellis. From this feedback, we found there was no solution, so we designed and manufactured a series of special brackets - Wire Anchors - to clamp onto concrete fence posts, this enables wires to be run through them for trellising. From this invention, we then created the interchangeable fence and wall brackets to use in conjunction with the Wire Anchors but they can also be used elsewhere on walls and wooden structures. Over the years we have extended our own ranges to include quality products by other suppliers, all designed to enhance homes and gardens.