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Children's Gardening

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Children's Gardening Apron

Wonderful for children to wear whilst gardening

£7.92 ex. VAT
Children's Gardening Gloves

A great to courage children to get outdoors and help with gardening

£3.75 ex. VAT
Children's gardening toolbelt with coloured tools

Kids Toolbelt with three quality mini tools that the kids can really use in the garden

£8.33 ex. VAT
Children's Hand Tool Set FSC100%

Set of three children's gardening tools - FSC100%

£6.25 ex. VAT
Children's Insect Study Box

Perfect for kids to see bugs up close

£10.00 ex. VAT
Flower and Herb Press

Wooden flower and herb press with screws to easily tighten or loosen

£7.92 ex. VAT
Hedgehog Pothanger

Charming little pot hanger decoration making a fun little gift. Will perch on the side of any pot or even a photo frame. OFFER - 2 for £9

From: £5.00
£4.17 ex. VAT
Mini paint your own birdhouse

Ideal craft project to keep the kids busy

£3.75 ex. VAT
Potting Shed 96 page notebook (A6)

Make lists, reminders, memos and more

£3.33 ex. VAT