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Garden Accessories

 Lots of practical gardening accessories for use around the garden and greenhouse
from Bootscrapers to gloves to plant labels and ties   

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Citronella Mason Jar Candle

Gingham Mason Jar Citronella Candle

Citronella Coils

Includes metal holder and 10 citronella coils

Hanging Glass Wasp Trap

Hanging Glass Wasp Trap available in 3 bright colours

Citronella Outdoor Bucket Candle

Great way of keeping away unwanted bugs and insects

Velcro Style Garden Ties (pack of 10)

Reusable adjustable hook & loop tie straps - perfect for securing plants to stakes and organising cables/wires inside and outside the home.

Twine Tin With Cutter & Twine

Tin & Cutter containing 100g 3 Ply Natural Jute Twine

8.5cm Biodegradable 'Jiffy' Pots (6 pack)

Jiffy pots are a great way to reduce the use of plastic in your garden

50 Biodegradable Seedling Bags

Eco-friendly and biodegradable non-woven fabric material - no need to remove the bag when transplanting

pH Soil Test (25 Tests)

Test your soil before you grow

Hanging Garden 'Plant Penguin'

Create beautiful hanging gardens in next to no time

Garden Fleece

Frost and inset protection fleece

Frost Protection Fleece Jacket

Pack of two reusable fleece jackets

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin

Heavy duty tarpaulin (6ft x 4ft) ideal for covering garden furniture, barbeques, cars, motorbikes etc.

Coloured Plant Labels (10 pack)

10 Pack of coloured durable plastic plant labels.  Choose from either red, pink, green or blue.

10 White T-shaped Plant Markers (13cm)

Great for labelling potting containers and garden borders

10 Yellow T-shaped Plant Markers (15cm)

Great for labelling potting containers and garden borders

5 Yellow T-Shaped Plant Markers (35cm)

Great for labelling larger pots and for identifying rows or blocks of vegetables and plants

4" Copper Plant Labels

Easy to write on using a ballpoint pen or permanent marker

Permanent Market Set (2 pack)

Great for marking plant labels, signs & flowerpots and just about any other surface. Waterproof & lightfast

5" White Plant Labels

Ideal for seeds, pots and shrubs. Re-usable and rot proof

Strimmer/Trimmer Wire - 4 diameters available

Refill Reel - Fits almost all trimmers electric and medium petrol

Brother GL200 Handheld Garden Labeller

Use for producing hard-wearing labels that resist rain, humidity, heat, frost and fading. You can even change the label design for that extra creative touch!

Weed Control Fabric

Weed Control Fabric - 50gsm polypropylene material

Bean & Pea Net

Available in either natural brown or green

Plant Netting (4m x 1.7m)

Protects crops and ponds

Garden Netting (3m x 2m)

Protects crops and ponds

Garden Refuse Bag

Reusable Garden Refuse Bag

Garden Kneeling Pad

Garden Kneeling Pad

Heavy Duty Jute Twine (50M)

Heavy Duty Jute Twine (50M)

Wooden Outdoor/Indoor Thermometer

Traditional wooden outdoor thermometer

Copper Slug Tape - 2 metres

Copper Slug Tape - 2 metres

Bird Scare Tape - 30 metres

Bird Scare Tape - 30 metres

Disc Lock
Boot Cleaning Set (Fsc 100%)

A really useful piece of kit with everything you'll need to keep your boots and shoes looking new

Cast Iron Animal Key Keeper

NOT JUST FOR KEYS - Besides hiding a key, these cute animals can hold other small things for you, such as ear studs, rings or even paper clips

Flower and Herb Press

Wooden flower and herb press with screws to easily tighten or loosen

Garden shed sign

Adorable Little Wooden Hanging Open and Closed Sign for the garden available in green or white.

Handcare Giftset

Handy set of nail brush, soap and towel in a colourful gift box

Heavy Duty Bootscraper

Heavy Duty Bootscraper manufactured to our design

Hedgehog Boot Brush/Scraper

Decorative shoe scraper made of corrosion-proof cast iron with robust coconut bristles.

Owl Boot Scraper/Brush (cast iron)

Decorative shoe scraper made of corrosion-proof cast iron with robust coconut bristles.

Potting Shed 96 page notebook (A6)

Make lists, reminders, memos and more

Vine Eyes - Black

Pack of 10, 75mm Black Zinc Plated Vine Eyes

Vine Eyes - Zinc Plated - 3"

Pack of 10, 80mm Zinc Plated Vine Eyes with a 10mm diameter hole.

Vine Eyes - Zinc Plated - 4"

Pack of 10, 105mm Zinc Plated Vine Eyes with a 10mm diameter hole

Widger & Dibber Set

Handy little tools for planting seeds and young plants in seed trays and pots

Biodegradable Jute Bag

Big Shopper - High quality Jute fabric

Cast Iron Triple Coat/Key Hook

Stylish Cast Iron Heavy Triple Wall Key / Coat Hooks

Vintage Wooden Planter Box

Retro decoration for house, office or garden

Mini Garden Tool Set (3 Pcs)

Set of 3 mini gardening tools - shovel, trowel and rake. Ideal for succulent plants and potted flowers.