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Gripple Trellising System

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Gripple Trellis Starter Pack

The Gripple Trellis Starter Pack includes: 4 Gripple tensioners, 30 metres of Gripple nylon trellis wire and 4 zinc plated vine eyes

Gripple Tensioner Pack

Gripple Tensioners to use with the Gripple Trellis Wire and the Gripple Starter Kit. Available in Packs of 2 (£4.00) or 10 (£18.00)

Gripple Trellis Wire

50 metres (165ft) of nylon trellis wire for use in conjunction with the Gripple Tensioners.

Gripple Plus Tensioners

Offers a fast and very convenient method of tensioning and/or joining/repairing wire on trellising systems.

From: £19.00