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Kids in the Garden

Spending time outdoors is both healthy and exciting for children, and their natural curiosity makes them keen to explore the dirt and plants around them.

With these practical gifts your little ones can lend a helping hand the next time you're cultivating or weeding, providing opportunity for both bonding and learning with the added benefit of releasing their excess energy!!.

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Children's Gardening Apron

Wonderful for children to wear whilst gardening

£7.92 ex. VAT
Children's Gardening Gloves

A great to courage children to get outdoors and help with gardening

£3.75 ex. VAT
Children's gardening toolbelt with coloured tools

Kids Toolbelt with three quality mini tools that the kids can really use in the garden

£8.33 ex. VAT
Children's Hand Tool Set FSC100%

Set of three children's gardening tools - FSC100%

£6.25 ex. VAT
Children's Insect Study Box

Perfect for kids to see bugs up close

£10.00 ex. VAT
Flower and Herb Press

Wooden flower and herb press with screws to easily tighten or loosen

£7.92 ex. VAT
Mini paint your own birdhouse

Ideal craft project to keep the kids busy

£3.75 ex. VAT