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Plant Supports and Ties

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Bean & Pea Net

Available in either natural brown or green

Garden Netting (3m x 2m)

Protects crops and ponds

Heavy Duty Jute Twine (50M)

Heavy Duty Jute Twine (50M)

Plant Netting (4m x 1.7m)

Protects crops and ponds

Twine Tin With Cutter & Twine

Tin & Cutter containing 100g 3 Ply Natural Jute Twine

Velcro Style Garden Ties (pack of 10)

Reusable adjustable hook & loop tie straps - perfect for securing plants to stakes and organising cables/wires inside and outside the home.

Vine Eyes - Black

Pack of 10, 75mm Black Zinc Plated Vine Eyes

Vine Eyes - Zinc Plated - 2"

55mm Zinc Plated Vine Eyes with a 15mm diameter hole.

Supplied in packs of 10

Vine Eyes - Zinc Plated - 3"

Pack of 10, 80mm Zinc Plated Vine Eyes with a 10mm diameter hole.

Vine Eyes - Zinc Plated - 4"

Pack of 10, 105mm Zinc Plated Vine Eyes with a 10mm diameter hole